The modern world that we live in is a dynamic place. Our population is at an all time high.  We live in a mobile society. The mobility system brings great benefits to all of us. At the same time, this fluid modern lifestyle of ours brings intrinsic risks. These make security a concern that we all need to address.

Scientists design many modern devices to enhance our personal security.  One of these devices is the security camera. Security cameras have been in many forms for a long time.  They have evolved into some impressive pieces of technology.

These cameras come in a variety of shapes and styles. They boast a wide variety of functions and abilities. One of these varieties is the trusty dome camera. This is the type of camera which we will review, namely the Hikvision.

Hikvision 4MP Network Camera Review

These cameras are digital video cameras.  These use an internet network to send and receive information. This means you can access and examine data from any place. But you have to have a computer with an internet connection.


This network camera comes with a 4 mega pixel progressive scan CMOS sensor.  It has an image resolution of 2688 x 1520. It produces extremely high quality footage. Image capture is stunningly clear.


The camera comes with a 4mm lens which gives 83º angle of view.  However, you can get a 6mm lens which gives 55.4º angle of view. It provides a narrower but zoomed in view. The angle is good for home and office.

Other Features

The camera has an IP66 weather protection rating. It means it is protected against dust and will hold fine in the rain. It has many great features such as 3D Digital Noise Reduction, 120dB Wide Dynamic Range and IR up to 30m. The price is affordable. This makes this camera one of the best in its class.

This camera doesn’t use an IR filter for switching between day and night modes. Instead it color corrects the image. It works well and didn’t show any noticeable color shifting. You can have clear picture in both day and night.

You can modify the IP address, port, subnet and gateway. There is also access to its settings to activate the camera. You will need to create a new password. If you have trouble with the set up, you can contact Hikvision using their online support form.

You can use the camera with various operating systems. It includes any Windows and Mac OS. We accessed the web interface using Internet Explorer.

Motion Detection

You can also set the camera to only record. It can detect motion in a defined area. It means you can save space in video storage. There are 7 levels of motion to choose from. But you have to bear in mind one point. Your choice of settings may be more sensitive during night vision. So it is best to test this in both daylight and darkness.

The setup controls for motion detection are simple and easy to use. The camera provides an area setting tool. It allows you to set rectangular areas where it detects the motion. It includes an overall adjustment. You set the motion detection area. You can schedule when the detection will occur using a simple Arming Schedule. But you need to select what you would like the camera to do. It detects any alert.

User review

These cameras are fantastic. The picture is wonderful. The fact they are POE is wonderful.  There is no bulky power adapters’ necessary. Their compact size makes them great for installation in small places. The swivel mount allows orientation in virtually any direction. This can be time consuming to get you prefer it. Another great feature of the camera is the ability to record. It records to a NAS device via NFS or SMB. So you have the cameras set up to record video.

The Hikvision dome IP camera is small and inexpensive. However it provides good performance. It has fewer adjustments.  But we can use it in many applications.  It has a selling price of around $245. It is a very easy solution and provides excellent cost performance for many applications.

This camera has many folds benefits. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. The cost is also fairly average. It has a good sensor; it can detect a wide range of motion; and it provides clear image. The night vision feature is very clear. This camera resolution is good. People generally like it. In online, they post positive review of it. They experience it. It has many benefits. It gives us security from any intruders. People can use it in home and office. The authority can use it in street. It gives a sense of security to its users. People have faith on the quality of the product.

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