Now that we can use our smartphones and tablets to have control over a big part of our lives in our hands, smart home security must not be left behind. Not only because it gives us a sense of tranquillity, but because it can help protect the ones we love most in the world.

Protection is not only against thieves or robbers, smart home security is also about potentially dangerous situations. Smoke detection, abnormal temperature watch and water and flood sensors play a key role in this part of our lives.

How security used to work?

Who isn’t familiar with security cameras, motion sensors and electircal fences. What do they have in common? They all work! They’re practical, and they’re all EXPENSIVE. Home security is expensive to have installed, having to hire people specifically to install these objects is already worth a ton of money, and why pay all of this when there are many other options that you can do yourself?

How about now?

Now that simpler systems have been invented, it is really simple to install many of these tools yourself. One good example is Frontpoint security system, with a simple panel it gives you live streaming, smoke detectors, motion detectors, control over thermostat and lights, all from your cellphone, tablet, desktop or a smart tv.  You can lock your doors, you can turn down lights, even watch everything going on in your house from far away. There is literally thousands of products available in this category.

These kind of apps are also pretty fantastic, they will have a log, registering all acvity caught by its tools. If the motion sensor near your backdoor reacts to movement it will notify you inmediately.

They are friendly

Much like using any social media app, or even a kind of game, monitoring your place is the simplest of taks using digital home security. systems Want to teach your kids a lesson or two about staying safe, buy a system and have them play around with it.  Use gamification tactics as part of their allowance. Have them lock doors, turn off lights, check the registrations on the logs and reward them for it. It also server well for the elderly, making them feel less stressed and vulerable.

Feel more comfortable for less

All of these benefits and systems sound like they are worth at least a couple thousand dollars, but the truth you can get most of them for under $500. That sure has classical home security beat.  The real advantage is not just the cost, but the simplicity, when these systems are installed that usually attracts a lot of attention, while if you install them yourself it can be done on the down low.

What if I install it incorrectly and then something goes wrong?

This is a regular concern whenever we try new tech. Whenever we are doing something new uncertainty always plays a key role within our self confidence. But do not be afraid and frequently test what you are doing. Not sure if doors lock? Then go check them, not sure if the alarm is installed correctly? Try activating it then. Don’t let fear keep you from trying new things, specially not when they can be in your own benefit. In the worst case scenario, it’s common for these companies to have specialised customer support, both in person, and by phone.

Are all Smart Home Security Systems DIY?

As it turns out, NO. While many DIY options are available, these require a lot of supervision. Like mentioned above, you can check all cameras and sensors from your phone, but who really wants to spend their whole night checking their phone for potential worst case scenarios? Not many I assure you.

Companies are aware than even though some people might not mind not having 24/7 security, many do need it. That is why some of them offer a contract that has a support team monitoring your cameras day and night! Sure this comes at an extra fee, but when it comes to safety, can you really put a price on feeling secure?

In Conclusion

Smart home security is an extensive topic. It has many ups and downs, depends on where you are standing and what you think. The important thing though, is that there is always a right system out there for you. It may take some time, it may take some money, but the end result will always be worthwhile. Nowadays we must always be careful, crime is always lurking nearby and we must always be prepared. It’s not a matter of being paranoid or crazy, it’s about feeling right and doing what it takes to feel this way. So, what are you waiting for? Go find the right system that fits your needs and be one step closer to well being.