Nowadays, home automation technology or smart homes as they are also called, which have voice controlled equipment have become relatively common. As a result, the electronic goods industry has seen a rise in the number of products that you can use to control functions in your house. One of these products is the Vera Edge. Since its introduction, the Vera Edge has taken the market by storm; everyday more and more consumers are purchasing this device.

But the question is if it’s really worth it. Well, this article focuses on the answer of this very question, so read on below to decide for yourself. Thanks to this Australian Smart Home company for the demo product.

What is the Vera Edge Smart Home Controller?

Before we move on to the actual review of the product, first let us get an idea of what actually is the Vera Edge and how it works. The Vera Edge is basically a one-app control for every electronic appliance in your smart home. It lets you monitor and control everything going inside your home. You could say that in today’s generation it is the most modern device for home automation.

Features of the Vera Edge

Now that we have established what the Vera Edge is, it is time to relocate our attention to some of the main features of this product.

The product comes packed with a myriad of enticing features that have contributed to its popularity. These can be categorized as follows: Firstly, the Vera Edge can be used in combination with numerous other devices – almost 220. This is something other controllers do not have the ability to do. Secondly, the controller allows you to connect to the internet. Which means that you can even stream audio using your smart phone or keep a check on the settings from anywhere in the world. Thirdly, you can receive direct, quick notifications regarding the thermostats, water levels, or even about the arrival of guests in your house.

Furthermore, you can customize the dashboard of the product according to your needs and preferences. In addition to this, you can reduce the energy consumption of your smart home by restricting the usage of lights and other electronic devices. Lastly, the system uses a technique called geofencing, which tracks whoever leaving or entering the premises based on their mobile phones.


Even though the Vera Edge has a lot to offer in terms of features and amenities to users, the question still remains if it is beneficial or not. Hence, let us consider them in a bit more detail.

One benefit of using the Vera Edge is that you will get notifications and alert messages on the go. This means that you can keep track of everything happening in the house even when you are not physically present there. You will not need to worry about your water tank overflowing or the thermostat being set too low.

One other benefit that comes with the purchase of the Vera Edge is that you can also record whoever enters or leaves your house or office. This entails that you will know exactly who your family or staff is interacting with. In addition to this, this will prevent any intruders from breaking into your premises at any given moment in time.

Another added benefit is that the Vera Edge smart home controller is compatible with a variety of smartphones and other devices. This means that you do not have to purchase any special devices to use the Vera Edge. The dashboard can also be customized with apps that you most frequently. This will ensure there is less time lost in trying to find the right app.

Apart from all of this, the Vera Edge also tries to lessen your impact on the environment. It does so by making sure that your house’s energy consumption is reduced manifold. Thereby preventing the depletion of important natural resources and protecting the environment.

Lastly, the Vera Edge also has a multi camera viewer dashboard, which lets you keep an eye on your entire home even if you are sitting miles apart.


After closely analysing everything the Vera Edge has to offer, we have come to a conclusion. Consumers should definitely invest in this product as a platform for their smart home. The controller comes with a variety of features and benefits. It can make home automation and regulation comparatively easier for the owners. Not only does the product allow you to control countless functions in your home. It also enables users to secure their houses from intruders. This is mainly done via tracking whoever comes into your house or by the live camera feed.

Hence, if you want to make sure that your home is the perfect smart home now and in the future then consider the Vera Edge. It will assist you in ways you cannot even think of yet.